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With the fast changing virus situation, we understand the challenges facing everyone at this current time. As a family business our priority is taking care of our colleagues, partners, suppliers and customers. We are sorry to inform you that we are now unable to ship products to you until government lock downs have been lifted. Please feel free to browse our website and signup to our newsletter where we will announce when we can ship our products to you again. We are all in this together, please stay safe and protect each other at this time. 

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National Superhero Day

National Superhero Day

Do you have a favourite Superhero? If you do then April the 28th is their day.

Each year on April 28th, since 1995, National Superhero Day honour’s Superheroes, both real and fictional.

Tips For Dealing With Tantrums

Tips For Dealing With Tantrums

It’s difficult for anyone to be ‘well behaved’ 100% of the time, but particularly tough when we’re stuck inside with each other all day long.
Happy New Year Sri Lanka

Happy New Year Sri Lanka

Usually, Sinhala and Hindu New Year (Avurudu) falls on April 13th and 14th, symbolising the ending of the old year, and the beginning of the New Year.