Family is a building block of society that establishes our relationships with others and our sense of responsibility for ourselves and to others, as it will continue to be on into the future.

While there are many influences that shape a child’s experience and sense of themselves, including friends, caregivers and teachers, it is family—from our parents and siblings, to grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins—which, for most of us, is far and away the predominate force providing the context and perspective with which we view our world and ourselves.

We Make a Point to Treat Everyone We Deal With Like Family

As a family-owned and operated business ourselves, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to all those who are part of the Tikiri family, from the girls and boys who delight in playing with our products, many of whom consider them their favorite playthings, to our consumers and retailers across the globe.

But this sense of responsibility doesn’t just extend to the outside world, we make it a point to show the same kind of respect and fairness in our dealings to all those who ensure our success… from our more than 1,000 employees and factory workers, to our suppliers, distributors and sales representatives.

It is with this same family perspective in mind that we take a strong stand on Social Responsibility. We just think that’s the right thing to do. When you are a part of the Tikiri family, we want you to know we hold you in the highest regard.

As part of our core values, all our products are ethically sourced, so that we can be sure to leave a healthier world to future generations.

Did you know ?
Natural rubber comes from the Hevea, a tree primarily grown in Sri Lanka. By sourcing and producing all their toys here in Sri Lanka, Tikiri greatly minimise both their carbon footprint as well as their impact in the environment.

For all their rubber toys Tikiri uses only natural rubber, a resource that is biodegradable, durable and thus 100% eco-friendly!