Chief Boss

Mano who loves to draw is also great with numbers and designing fantastic products. She quite likes problem solving too so I guess that’s why she is the big chief. She loves to travel taking inspiration as she goes. Mano has created all of the Meiya and Alvin characters and their friends. She loves to write stories and design products for children. 


Product Manager


The lovely Anusha is in charge of our talented sample department, her cheery smile and tough nature ensures that all samples are perfectly made and exactly as you want. Anusha has two beautiful children, weekends are spent enjoying family time, and the occasional glass of red wine and a piece of chocolate!


Quality Manager


Maxi is our Mr smooth, his charming personality is a key to us building great relationships with new and old customers alike, he is supported by our fantastic in house sales team. He also overseas our product quality, as the key to ensuring happy customers is a well made product. In his spare time he loves to drive his car visiting new places, he enjoys classical music and spicy food.


Product Technologist


Allanah ensures our products are safe and keeps an eye on production. She's got a wicked sense of humour and enjoys travelling and is completely addicted to coffee.


Miss Money Penny


Danisha is our head of finance and operations, she is passionate about ensuring everything is organised and efficient and is always looking for ways to streamline the production process. She believes the progress is made by introducing new technology's and ideas. Danisha loves to socialise with friends, eating or listening to music, and at weekends she can be found at home playing with her two Pomerania dogs Roxy & Snovy



Website Manager

Jacqui is responsible for the creation and management of our websites. She’s an adventurer too, has hand built a camper van and can often be found on top of mountains and on long distance treks around the world. She loves a challenge, coffee and cake! Find her on instagram @brownandbird


Our Production Team

Our Sculpters, Embroiderers, Pattern Makers, Tool Makers, Stitchers and Stuffers, Painters and Designers, Accountants and Sales Staff, HR and Security. Across our Office, Warehouse and Distribution.

Ayubowan (Hello) from our family to your family.