Learning Through Play

Children learn by exploring their environment and this is especially true with the toys they play with. There are several things that attract children to toys and you will notice that certain toys will become favourites.

So what is it that makes toys attractive to children?

Toys that will be the most stimulating to children as they grow will have features that include:

Faces, bright shiny colours, food like items, contrasting colours, textures, noise and lights. 

They also love anything that provides potential for climbing, anything they can fit into, make a den from and generally allow for creative play. These are all what we call exploration strategies. This is why toddlers always put things into their mouths. They are learning about the object through mouthing by placing objects into the mouth children are learning all about size and shape. This is why it is so critical for children under the age of three not to be exposed to toys with small parts as these will cause choking hazards.

After the age of three children have been shown to stop this learning strategy and it is therefore fine to introduce more complex toys. 

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