What Are The Best Natural Baby Teethers?

Natural Teeethers


What Are The Best Natural Teether’s?

Choosing A Natural Teether

With so much choice out in the market place these days, it is hard to know which teething ring to choose, there are plenty of brightly coloured plastic ones available, but for the more environmental choice a natural teether is always going to be best. 

Why A Natural Teether Is Best 

Teething is a difficult time for babies and parents, it can make you both very grumpy, and no-one wants to be grumpy. So providing a teether will help your baby and you through this process. As teether’s are designed to go in the mouth, it is always preferable to go natural.

Plastic teether's are made from petro chemicals and although they are tested and safe they are not natural. So we would always go with a natural choice, better for your baby and the planet. 

What Type Of Natural Teether’s Are Available?

Wooden teething rings have become very popular in recent years, but it is important to ensure that the type of wood the product is made from is suitable and fit for purpose.

Hard woods are obviously much better, so look out for Maple, Cherry, Walnut and other hardwoods as these do not splinter.

Also ensure that the wood is not treated with any chemicals. Wooden teething rings should be sealed with either beeswax or any food grade oil such as olive oil, flaxseed or coconut, obviously organic is always best. 

Wooden necklaces that you wear are also popular, they are designed so when you are carrying your baby they can chew on the bead. However there are safety concerns with this type of product,  as they can release small parts and the cords can become a strangulation or tourniquet hazard. So please be very careful if you choose this option. 

What about Natural Rubber Teether’s 

Pure natural rubber from our home grown rubber plantations. We obviously believe this is the best choice for lots of reasons.

All our rubber is free from any chemical treatments, it is from a Sri Lankan source, we only work with the best plantations and have strict controls in place over the processing.

Our range of natural rubber teething toys are designed to be soft and soothing on the gums, they are designed with organic shapes making them easy for small hands to grip.

A combination of hard and soft edges provide maximum soothing for irritated gums. 

Some children like a mixture of tactile fabric and materials and prefer a comforter to soothe and snuggle into we provide a great range of comforters that include a teething ring.

Which ever teething option you choose, make sure you check it frequently for any signs of wear and tear. 

We hope this helps you decide the best options for your baby and the planet.

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