Winner Winner! Tikiri Toys Scoops 2 Moms Choice Awards for 2021

dragon baby toy

We are absolutely delighted to announce that we have won 2 awards in the Mom's Choice Awards for 2021 for two of our products. Our much loved Midnight Dragon teething toy and our lovely Bonikka organic soft doll Aria were the winning products for this year's competition. 

What are the Mom’s Choice Awards? 

The Mom’s Choice Awards are made up from a panel of evaluators who judge products and services for children and their families and also educators. They review 1000’s of products from over 60 countries and are known for establishing a benchmark for excellence in their field. 

Who Judges the Awards?

The judging panel is made up of educators, media, parents, children, librarians, authors, scientists and medical and business professionals. They really do make up an all round judging panel to enable them to judge all the products in their specialist area. 

How do they Judge the Awards? 

The mom’s choice awards panelists pride themselves on being bound by a strict code of ethics enabling them to judge the products in an objective manner. 

The products and services are all scored on the following things:

  • Production quality
  • Their design
  • Educational value
  • How original they are
  • How appealing they are
  • Price

They look especially favourable on products that encourage family emotional, physical and spiritual development. 

You can find out more about the mom's choice awards here

Want to know more about the 2 fantastic products that won these prestigious awards? Here you go...

Midnight Dragon Natural Rubber Baby Teething Toy


Our Midnight Dragon won the gold award in the babies toy category of the awards. He is from our Tikiri Fairytales Collection  which features magical dragons and unicorns! 

Midnight dragon rattle combines the developmental benefit and stimulation of sound baby toys. By moving the rattle toy which creates sound, babies can learn their fundamental lessons in cause and effect relationships.

Midnight Dragon is made from soft natural rubber which is ideal for teething babies and soothing irritated gums. It is hand painted with soy-based ink and is 100% plastic free. 

Tikiri's dragon teething toy also has organic cotton crinkle fabric in the wings which provides stimulation for babies as they discover their senses.

Dragon baby toy

Tikiri's Midnight Dragon baby toy retails at £19.99 and can be bought in our online store here.


Aria Bonikka Organic Soft Doll 

Aria bonikka soft dol

Aria also won a gold award in the baby toy category. She is one of our popular baby soft dolls from our Bonikka doll and and is made of  OCS 100 Certified Organic Cotton. Read more about why we use Organic Fabrics here. 

Aria has an attractive pretty dusky pink dress on with bird embroidery. The dress also has a laced feature on the neck and arms. She has a pastel blue bandana to really set the outfit off. 

Aria is the perfect soft doll for children needing a soothing doll or for those looking for a comforting empathy doll. 


aria soft doll toy



Aria retails at £29.99 and can be bought in our online store here

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